Delta Wye Calibration and Testing Company

Delta Wye Calibration and Testing Company

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Company Name: Delta Wye Calibration and Testing Company


POBox: 26704
Telephone Number: 042776330
Fax Number: 042776331
Business Activity: Calibration

Company Profile:

Delta Wye has been established in Dubai as a company which is meticulous about calibration and testing for all industrial sectors in UAE likely manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Process Industry, Engineering, Fabrication, Aviation, Medical, Electromechanical, Service and so on. With new ideas and innovative technologies, the company is proving to be acumen of knowledge. Adhering to standards equivalent to ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 17025 demonstrates our service noteworthy & competent. Knowledgeable, Efficient and Proficient Workforce further enables our service and assistance to be competent and remain best in the industry. Delta Wye provides calibration of highest quality offering a whole range of factory and onsite services. Our services are designed to ensure that your testing system meet or exceed relevant standards. Our team is specialized, trained and supported with necessary tools. Technical competence of staff Valid and appropriate test methods Traceability of measurements & calibration to national standards Appropriate testing environment Accurate Sampling and Transportation of items

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