Cryo Health

Cryo Health

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Company Name: Cryo Health

The Boulevard, Jumeirah Emirates Towers, Dubai, Un

POBox: 72127
Telephone Number: +971 4351 8300
Fax Number: +971 4351 8300
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CRYO Health opened in June 2014 at the Boulevard, Jumeirah Emirates Towers, Dubai, UAE. The concept is the first facility of its kind in the region and offers state of the art whole and local body cryotherapy solutions. Cryotherapy is a curative health treatment involving extremely low temperatures (-120 to -160 degrees celsius). This short-term freezing of the skin’s surface leads to the immediate release of enhanced levels of endorphins and adrenaline. Because of these effects, whole body cryotherapy has become an essential sports & fitness component for athletes who depend on an effective and convenient treatment that not only boosts their muscle recovery time but also enhances their ability to train and perform. Additionally, cryotherapy offers incredible benefits in overall health & wellness, including anti-aging skin rejuvenation by stimulating collagen production and weight loss management by using the sub-zero temperature to speed up blood circulation and surge the metabolism to consume 400 - 800 calories in a single treatment.

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