Coboland E-Guide Company

Coboland E-Guide Company

Listing Id: 317404

Company Name: Coboland E-Guide Company

Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi

POBox: 028157939
Telephone Number: 028157939
Fax Number: 028157939
Business Activity: Deals In Abu Dhabi

Company Profile:

" opened early 2013, to observe the market need in Abu Dhabi, although it was not official opening we had made remarkable sales for our clients, our official opening was in May 2014. Coboland is a daily deal online website, provides the best discounted offers and focusing on Abu Dhabi Area, we have successfully tied up with many partners/Merchants who got also benefited from our service Unlike others we excel in many areas from merchant and customer satisfaction, we simplify the process for our merchants to promote their offers on our website and perform the their payments in a short period Our customers and fans are in love with our services and products and very satisfied with our prompt support, we deliver the best and quality offers and places for our customers as each offer is separately checked and verified before it is published to ensure quality."

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