Bagatelle Trading LLC

Bagatelle Trading LLC

Listing Id: 321514

Company Name: Bagatelle Trading LLC

Bagatelle 36 14C St, Mercato shopping mall, Dubai,

POBox: 128332
Telephone Number: 97143430991
Fax Number: 97143430991
Business Activity: luxury bags, shoes, jewelry, accessories.

Company Profile:

Founded in Dubai back in 2009, Bagatelle boutique started with the simple idea of making use of the all preowned luxury items we have lying around in our closet. Today, Bagatelle is the ultimate place for preloved authentic luxury items. We are pioneers in providing access to a huge collection of the most beloved brands, treasured items and timeless pieces at an unbeatable value. Being pioneers in the pre-owned luxury market, we pride our vast collection that ranges from timeless pieces to very-hard and rare items from coveted luxury brands such as Hermes, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Cartier and more! Whether it is a classic or an exotic piece, our dedicated team delights in helping you obtain your desired item and making your dreams come true. Our authenticating experts guarantee the complete authenticity of each and every piece that is available for sale through our website, social media or boutique.

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