ALETIHAD Commercial Brokers & Consultants

ALETIHAD Commercial Brokers & Consultants

Listing Id: 322399

Company Name: ALETIHAD Commercial Brokers & Consultants

Office # 1408, 14th floor, Tower D, Horizon Tower,

POBox: 15367
Telephone Number: 0097167436993
Fax Number: 0097167436993
Business Activity: Mortgage Finance, SME Loans, Corporate Financing, Marketing Research & Consultancies, Insurance Brok

Company Profile:

Ajman based commercial brokerage consultancy company covering all seven emirates with activities Commercial Brokerage Consultancy company with activities focusing on financial solutions arrangement i.e. Mortgage Loans, SME Loans, Project Financing & Large Corporate financing facilities arrangement. We assist borrowers in obtaining the best borrowing conditions from lenders/financial institutions & Commercial Banks. Also Providing “Marketing Research & Consultancies” Services, where we provide the market research reports, Comparisons. Market updates and Consultancies…to how to increase market share & to become a market leader… Our vision is to maintain steady growth as we diversify our products portfolio, strengthen our position in each of the sectors that we serve, improve our rating and consolidate our position as the leading Commercial Brokerage & Marketing Consultancy firm in the UAE Market.

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