Al Rumaithy Establishment

Al Rumaithy Establishment

Listing Id: 320919

Company Name: Al Rumaithy Establishment

Abu Dhabi Airport Terminal II

POBox: 4356
Telephone Number: 025758288
Fax Number: 025758278
Business Activity: Aviation,Oil and Gas,Defense,Machine and Tools,Solar,Real Estate,ICT

Company Profile:

Al Rumaithy Establishment is a 100% UAE Nationals own family company. It has started its commercial journey from 1972 and in the last four decades spread its arm in various sectors of the UAE & Middle Eastern Economies. Al Rumaithy is financially sound with AED ONE BILLION OF ASSESTS, having team of engineers & professional from different walks of trades and proud to have a very active and effective team of owners participating in the day to day business to resolve matters on timely basis. ARE is a registered vendor with almost 90% government and semi governments entities of UAE. Al Rumaithy consists of the following division:

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