Yatharth Marketing Solutions

Yatharth Marketing Solutions

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Company Name: Yatharth Marketing Solutions

M 05, Al Kuthban Bldg, Near Noor Bank Metro Statio

POBox: 81302
Telephone Number: +971 50 535 6033
Fax Number: +971 50 535 6033
E-mail: mihir@yatharthmarketing.com
Website: http://www.yatharthmarketing.com
Business Activity: Sales Training, Business Training, Sales Consultancy, Entrepreneur Training, Personal Development

Company Profile:

IT Corporate Sales Training Programs at YMS - Ahmedabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore Description: Yatharth Marketing Solutions A leading Sales Training & Consulting Firm based in IT industry from last 8+ years and we have helped more then 50+ IT companies to grow their business. We know the exact sales process of IT industry starting from Lead generation to Closure to Repeat business which makes us the most trusted sales partner for any IT company. Yatharth Marketing Solutions will help you train your employee in a way that your sales team can increase the pricing and at the same time with less efforts they can effective closure. Our training will also help them to develop positive relationship with your client to generate maximum repeat business. YMS believes that you should generate minimum 60% repeat business each month to get maximum branding and positive word of mouth. To know more about our development, please visit our website: http://www.yatharthmarketing.com Make Enquiry today: Yatharth Marketing Solutions For Sales Related Enquiries, Contact: INDIA : +91-9099799898 | +91-9898119101 Website: http://www.yatharthmarketing.com

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