Yasin Al Hamed Advocates and Legal Consultants

Yasin Al Hamed Advocates and Legal Consultants

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Company Name: Yasin Al Hamed Advocates and Legal Consultants


POBox: 28292
Telephone Number: 0097142955575
Fax Number: 0097142951775
E-mail: info@yalhamed.com
Website: https://yalhamed.com
Business Activity: Law firm, Advocates, Legal Consultants

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About Us Yasin Al Hamed Advocates & Legal Consultants is one of the independent fast growing Best Law Firms in Dubai UAE. Our Firm has always believed in the highest level of integrity. We have built a powerful reputation throughout our practice in the market as a law firm as a result of our good understanding and applying of the UAE laws across the Country. The Firm is always aiming to provide high quality of the legal services in a range of the practice areas whether to individuals or corporates based on our principle "The Quality of Services & the Client's Satisfaction". Our firm is dedicated to broad general practice of law, with special expertise in certain areas including Civil, Commercial, Criminal, Banking, Rent, Insurance disputes and Real Estate and Construction Litigation as well as formation of business in UAE. Our attorneys and supportive team have all been carefully selected to provide the clients with the highest degree of professionalism, with a vision to be closer to our clients more than expected and solving their legal needs. OUR VALUES Our Firm is serving local and international clients and all our members have extensive experience in general practice of law including all our areas of practice and representing our clients whether before all courts in UAE, DIFC or Arbitration Centers. Our professional expertise and language skills of our members ensure our quality of services and legal support for our clients as we provide our services in both Arabic and English.

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