Wallcoat Fashion Designing.

Wallcoat Fashion Designing.

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Company Name: Wallcoat Fashion Designing.

45 A Street Burj Al Nahar Views Building Shop No.1

POBox: 93497
Telephone Number: +971 42322196
Fax Number: +971 42322197
E-mail: info@wallcoatfashion.com
Website: http://www.wallcoatfashion.com
Business Activity: We are Uniform Manufacturing & Trading Company based in Dubai United Arab Emirates

Company Profile:

Welcome to Wallcoatfashion.com. - The premier online branded Nursing Scrubs & Uniform store. We are a Manufacturing & Trading Company based in Dubai United Arab Emirates.The main aim of Wallcoat is to offer our client the widest range of branded Apparel at the lowest discounted prices. All products are brand new and sold in their original retail packing.Our Tailor is specializing to produce top-grade apparel, we are not only able keeping brand apparel also can able to accept OEM/ODM service, Moreover, we are experienced in handling all major orders, Hospitality & Healthcare Products styles are our main products, Please see the below our product line, Healthcare Hospitality Wear Industrial / Workwear Corporate Wear Educational Uniforms Promotional Items & Polo Shirts, Embroidery etc. Linen Item (Bed Sheet, Blanket, Pillow Case, Pillow, Towels etc.) We believe in our products quality and we have great cooperation with our Middle East customer’s base on our quality, meanwhile, we aim to provide you our best service. "Honesty" will always be the tenet of our company when we do business with our clients, as a result, also We offer Group Order discounts between 20-40% of retail prices on our Wallcoat Brand Product, thereby big quantity is your savings. Please write us to [email protected] or Call: +971 42322196 Mob:+971 501626870

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