VRS Computers

VRS Computers

Listing Id: 321926

Company Name: VRS Computers

Office No 5, 3rd Floor Suk Al Kabir Building, Duba

POBox: 242026
Telephone Number: 0555182748
Fax Number: 043866017
E-mail: support@vrscomputers.com
Website: http://www.vrscomputers.com
Business Activity: IT Services

Company Profile:

VRS Technologies,LLC is all about infusing technical excellence in businesses and organizations to catalyze their growth and success in a safe, efficient, and productive environment. Right from crafting customized IT Services for our clients to deploying technology requirements in their premises, we have walked that extra mile to cater solutions that ensure their robust existence. Specializing in seven major segments of IT Solutions, Annual Maintenance Contracts, Computer rentals, Panasonic ePABX-Telephone systems, Biometric Access Control, CCTV DVR Solutions and Structured Cabling, we consider every single client of ours as top priority. While we believe in showcasing the best of customer service to big and established organizations, our dedication and commitment remains the same for every single individual client. In our endeavor to touch lives with technology, we extend a plethora of other services that bring us closer to our clients. Schedule an appointment with our executive right NOW! We are waiting to hear from you.

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