VENUS Facilities Management

VENUS Facilities Management

Listing Id: 319243

Company Name: VENUS Facilities Management

Delma Street, Near Al Nahyan C-54 Bldg., 12 th Flo

POBox: 61963
Telephone Number: +971504127279
Fax Number: +97126437688
Business Activity: The principal activities to date comprise the following type of work: •Facilities Management •Reside

Company Profile:

VENUS – FACILITIES MANAGEMENT was founded in Abu-Dhabi, U.A.E. in 2015 by the present managing by its owner, Mohamed Fouad Abdullah. The growth of the Company is marked by the increase in the paid up capital from Dirham's Hundred Fifty Thousand in the year 1997 to Dirham's One Million. This growth can be attributed to the ability to undertake, successfully execute and complete a variety of projects under the management and supervision of experience Administrators, Project Managers, Engineers and employees, supported by adequate transport facilities, machinery and equipment.

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