Universal Abu Dhabi Lab

Universal Abu Dhabi Lab

Listing Id: 323895

Company Name: Universal Abu Dhabi Lab

Musaffah Industrial Abu Dhabi

POBox: 40399
Telephone Number: 025508955
Fax Number: 025508954
E-mail: yasir@uadl.ae
Website: http://uadl.ae
Business Activity: Construction Material Testing, Geotechnical Soil Investigation

Company Profile:

Universal Abu Dhabi Lab Material Testing & Geotechnical Soil Investigation Services , Certified and accredited By ENAS as per ISO 17025:2005 & QRS as per ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001 & ISO 18001, which has registered Under the name of Universal Abu Dhabi Lab , in the field of the following licensed activities : ? Soil Analysis Service (Geotechnical Soil Investigation) ? Construction Material Testing Services ? Onshore & Offshore Oil & Gas Fields & Facility Services Universal Abu Dhabi Lab was Established at Musaffah Industrial No. 37 Abu Dhabi UAE, which contains the following testing Units and Sections and providing the following services : ? Geotechnical Soil Investigation & Soil Testing Unit ? Concrete , Cement Aggregate Testing Unit ? Chemical Testing Unit ? Asphalt Testing Unit ? Special Testing ? Topographic Survey ? Earthing (Open Holes) ? Monitoring well ? Environmental Testing Unit Equipped with the latest facilities of the state of Art technology under a prestigious and well discipline organization of : ? Sophisticated , latest and brand name testing equipment. ? Qualified Engineers , skilled technicians with high experience and degrees in the same field. ? High Quality Management System which has full filled the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 & ISO IEC 17025 :2005. As high organization level has been built in a way to provide : ? Effective performance of testing standards ? Best customer service

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