Ultra Tec Water Treatment Equipment Trading LLC

Ultra Tec Water Treatment Equipment Trading LLC

Listing Id: 324342

Company Name: Ultra Tec Water Treatment Equipment Trading LLC

Warehouse No.3, behind Juma Al Majid, Al Khabaisi

POBox: 377564
Telephone Number: 042695241
Fax Number: 042528355
E-mail: joseph@ultratec-uae.com
Website: http://www.ultratec-uae.ae/
Business Activity: Water Treatment Equipment Trading

Company Profile:

Ultra Tec is a Water Treatment company, consists of professional water treatment experts in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We are providing Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plants, Sea Water filtration R.O plants, all kind Of Water Purifiers, Water Softener, Carbon Filter, Sand Filter, Ultra Violet, Alkaline water purifiers, Water Ionizers, Ultra Filtration, shower filters, Drinking water purifier and irrigation water filtration systems. For us, bringing Water purification products to you is more than just a business, it is a passion. Our wide range of technologies and extended knowledge in all water related sectors domestic, commercial and industrial will guarantee you a cost efficient water treatment solution, that will meet your water quality's requirement. Ultra Tec products are unique and exclusive and cannot be compared to any other similar product in the market. Due to ultimate technology, performance and reliability combined with unique taste for design, they can be considered as one of the top organization in UAE. The ULTRA TEC systems are dedicated to only high exigent and Quality conscious customers who are looking for the best quality.

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