Travcure Medical Tourism Consultants

Travcure Medical Tourism Consultants

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Company Name: Travcure Medical Tourism Consultants

Al Wasl square - 2 A Street - Al Bada'a - Dubai -

POBox: Al Wasl sq
Telephone Number: +44-560-384-5799
Fax Number: 44-560-384-5799
Business Activity: Medical Consultants

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At Travcure Medical Tourism Consultants, we have packages for patients looking for medical tourism in India. Our process begins with suggestions, bringing you in contact with expert you are searching for, and referring best hospital according to patient's need. We are alliance with all top hospitals, clinics and special treatment centers. Our partner hospital in India gives extra ordinary care without making you wait in long queues with supreme facilities for nursing. We start our service before you land India to post treatment/surgery care and also take feed backs even after you reach home town. Our team members meet daily needs of patient and take proper care, coordinate With family members to make them feel that patient is safe.

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