Listing Id: 323995

Company Name: TRANSHOME

Ibn Batuta Gate-Office 102B, UAE, Dubai

POBox: 119098
Telephone Number: +(971) 522 41 3311
Fax Number: +(971) 4 553 1427
Business Activity: Translation, Localization services

Company Profile:

Our belief that translation is about more than translating words and that translation services should help bridge cultures is one of the basic factors that makes us an incomparable translation services agency. Cultural competence had played a big role in legal translation services in Cairo and legal translation services in Dubai even before our next move to expand our certified translation services in Dubai. We continued to offer certified translation services and now offered a greater range of digital content and media services translation as well as additional language choices since hiring more freelance and in-house language experts. Slow and Steady Wins the Raceā€¦ and Stays in Business Now with over 20 years of experience in the translation and localization industry, TransHome continues to offer legal translation services in Dubai, legal translation services in Cairo, a variety of certified translation services in Dubai and manages the translation agency in Cairo.

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