Tour Dubai 1 Floating Restaurant LLC

Tour Dubai 1 Floating Restaurant LLC

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Company Name: Tour Dubai 1 Floating Restaurant LLC

211, pyramid center, oud metha

POBox: 1234
Telephone Number: 8039515395
Fax Number: 8039515395
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Our Dubai was established in 1989 as the first and only operator of world-class Dhow Cruise Services at Dubai Creek initially offering Private Charters. After impressive years of excellent and professional services in the tourism industry, Tour Dubai has expanded daily services which now includes but not limited.Tour Dubai endeavor to provide unique products with personalized quality services at competitive price. Whether it is an individual tour or a larger group event, we carefully plan and check each detail to ensure that we provide quality services so that our customers will have an enjoyable and memorable experience.Genuine care of our clients is our highest mission. It is our motto to make certain that even the unexpressed wishes and needs of our clients are always fulfilled.

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