The Floorist

The Floorist

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Company Name: The Floorist

410A, Galadari Office Plaza, Al Maktoum Street, De

POBox: 5915
Telephone Number: 97142276712
Fax Number: 97142276712
Business Activity: Carpets, Custom Carpets, Hotel Carpets, Flooring, Floor Coverings, Axminster Carpets, Handtufted Car

Company Profile:

The Floorist is not your average floor trader. We are true flooring experts. Passionate about our craft and inspired to take flooring to a whole new level of style, sophistication and innovation. Like any specialist we pay a great deal of attention to detail. We carefully combine designs, colours, textures, finishes and substrates for outstanding flooring results. Our ultimate objective is to deliver carpets that make people stop in their tracks and say WOW. Carpets that are showpieces for any project. The Floorist today services hospitality, commercial, institutional and residential clients throughout Europe, the The Middle East, Africa and beyond. Our high quality flooring solutions are either produced and delivered to order or supplied and installed as part of managed projects. With The Floorist you will find the most reliable flooring partner that consistently delivers solutions that cover the technical, commercial and design requirements of your flooring projects. Always the highest quality products and services at the most competitive prices.

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