The Ambassador Properties

The Ambassador Properties

Listing Id: 324104

Company Name: The Ambassador Properties

Dubai, Business Bay

POBox: 15695
Telephone Number: 0505698826
Fax Number: not applicable
Business Activity: Realestate, Properties, Investment, development

Company Profile:

We are a close-knit team of enthusiastic and dedicated real estate professionals who keen on delivering professional services and communications to our parties. We are always on hand to provide astute insightful advice on all your property needs. We're committed to clever, cost effective marketing tailored specifically for you and your investment. Our results speak for themselves and the level of repeat and referral business we receive is a true testament to the dedication we show our clients. Operating with a select portfolio of listings ensures our sales and leasing team can give a truly exclusive level of service and make both of sales and rental experience professional and straightforward for both property owners and tenants

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