Tensile Sahdes Suppliers ( Bait Al Malaki Tents 05

Tensile Sahdes Suppliers ( Bait Al Malaki Tents 05

Listing Id: 321966

Company Name: Tensile Sahdes Suppliers ( Bait Al Malaki Tents 05

industrial area, Sharjah

POBox: 12587
Telephone Number: 0553866226
Fax Number: 0553866226
E-mail: malakitent2@gmail.com
Website: http://www.malakitents.ebusinessinuae.com
Business Activity: Wedding tents, car parking shades, wedding tents, rental tents, tensile shades, shades suppliers, co

Company Profile:

971553866226 AL BAIT AL MALAKI TENTS & SHADES +971553866226 1. We are the Manufacturer all kinds of TENTS,CAR PARKING SHEDS, SWIMMING POOL SHADES, DOME SHADES,CANOPIES AND ALSO RENTAL FOR TENTS, EVENTS & PARTIES ( with PVC material, Poly-ethylene fabric, Aluminium sheets etc.) 2. Manufacturer and EXPORTS For African Region and G.C.C. Countries Depends on Client Specification TENTS & OTHER MATERIELS. 3 Different types of FENCES, BARRIERS for Construction sites, Parks and Gardens fencing (with Corrugated or Plain Aluminium sheets or Tubes & Pipes, G.I. sheets or Wire Mesh fences etc. 4. Construction of Different shapes of STAIRS, LADDERS, TANK SHEDS & TANK STANDS etc. 5. Construction of CHILDREN'S PLAYGROUND SHEDS, WALKWAY SHEDS etc, 6. Construction of REST HALL for Labourers, TENTS etc. 7. Fabrication of MAIN GATES, STAIR HAND More Details Contact Mr. Maqavi 0553866226

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