TAM Perfumes Factory

TAM Perfumes Factory

Listing Id: 322534

Company Name: TAM Perfumes Factory

ICAD 1 Industrial, Mussafah, Abu Dhabi, UAE

POBox: 73300
Telephone Number: 02-550-7700
Fax Number: 02-550-7722
E-mail: info@tamuae.com
Website: http://tamuae.com/
Business Activity: Perfumes,fragrances, manufacturer

Company Profile:

Everybody knows that a perfume expresses the personality, character, emotions and overall image of a person, as well as creating a sense of charm and seduction. That’s why choosing the perfume which best represents us is not an easy task, and often takes time. What sets us apart and lends us a label of nonpareil in the world of scents and perfumes internationally, that we also produce and manufacture a unique luxury Private Label Perfumes & Bokhor. Customer satisfaction is always our priority, since 2007 our factory kept providing a perfumes which gain the satisfaction of the chosen uniqueness from both western and eastern.

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