Shuraa Tax Consultants

Shuraa Tax Consultants

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Company Name: Shuraa Tax Consultants

106 Sheikh Zayed Road, 5th Floor, Aspin Commercial

POBox: 79998
Telephone Number: +97144081960
Fax Number: +97143510078
Business Activity: Accounting and Bookmarking

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Shuraa Tax Consultants offer you VAT & TAX accounting services in UAE. We make taxation requirements simple for you; file your tax returns; maintain a proper record of your invoices with bookkeeping services in UAE as well as follow the conditions for VAT invoices and create easy taxation files as per the Federal Tax Authority in UAE. For more information on our taxation services and VAT related assistance contact SHURAA TAX CONSULTANTS. Call us on +97144081960 / +97150 579 5019 or visit Tax Consultation Shuraa provides tax consultation in UAE that is offered by experienced and qualified tax consultants allowing businessmen and entrepreneurs to learn and efficiently apply the various taxation policies provided by the FTA in the most advantageous manner. Companies need to learn and apply UAE taxation efficiently through their businesses thus, Shuraa Tax Consultants will be the best to guide! VAT Registration in UAE Commercial entities need to register for VAT in UAE and are responsible to issue a valid VAT invoice. With Shuraa Tax consultants get VAT Registration in UAE and the documents required for VAT registration in no time! VAT & TAX Accounting Services A valid UAE VAT invoice need to be issued every time a payment is made in the supply chain. Moreover, documents must be maintained in a specific format as mentioned by the FTA. You will also need to monitor the FTA guidelines and update yourself and your company’s finances as per the measures given by the regulatory bodies. Nevertheless, Shuraa Tax Consultants are here for you to sort your financial requirements. Tax Agent As per the Article (1) Federal Law No. (7) of 2017 on Tax Procedures, “Companies need to appoint a Tax Agent for all types of VAT and tax implementation in UAE. At Shuraa Tax Consultants get a trustworthy, knowledgeable and efficient Tax Agent in Dubai and across UAE.

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