Listing Id: 321127

Company Name: SEIDORMENA

P.O.Box 500629-DIC #2, UAE, Dubai, Dubai Internet

POBox: 500629
Telephone Number: +971 4 375 5333
Fax Number: +971 50 454 16 74
E-mail: menaseidor89@OUTLOOK.COM

Company Profile:

At SEIDORMENA, our main aim and objective is to provide technological and strategic solutions to our clients in order to meet their requirements regarding their business processes. For SEIDORMENA, it is very necessary to understand the key facts and figures that are significant in making the business model of our customer successful. At SEIDORMENA, we are trying to help you in how you can stand out your company from your competitors and make its services unique with the use of SAP technology and services. SEIDORMENA possesses a history of more than 30 years giving success and flourishing businesses to our clients through the qualified experience of implementation of SAP solutions.

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