Sam and Bros Commercial Brokers

Sam and Bros Commercial Brokers

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Company Name: Sam and Bros Commercial Brokers

Down Town Burj Khalifa, business bay, ontario towe

POBox: 126101
Telephone Number: +97144520033
Fax Number: +97144424960
Business Activity: Business Hub

Company Profile:

ABOUT US Sam & Bros. Co is the first business incubator specialized in sales & marketing in the Middle East, Based in the heart of the business area in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, downtown Burj Khalifa. Sam & Bros is a full-service business incubator led by ambitious management to foster business networking and new business startups. Through our multiple business lines and connections, we supported various companies in different fields to establish their businesses in MENA markets on firm ground; and helped grow several brands to address the contemporary issues and challenges that affect companies in Middle East markets. Through strategic relationships among Middle East countries, we believe that our knowledge, expertise of business environment in MENA markets and understanding of the region culture allow us to tailor fresh and practical solutions and bring high added value to our clients and business partners. Proactive Leadership Thought with Innovation: Sam & Bros. Co drives business by adding conditions value and engaging as a strategic partner and is like no other business centers or places you have experienced. We strive to be seen as a partner who doesn’t only implement the clients’ strategies but also provides insights and thought leadership that fuel them. Closer to the Customer: Sam & Bros. Co provides basic insight, integrated sales and marketing solutions in the MENA region. Sam & Bros. Co has the strength and scale to engage in truly strategic partnerships with customers, ensuring deep understanding of their strategies and systems. This knowledge, along with our experiences, multi business-field connections and proactive talent, enables us to drive the sales and keeps our valued customers coming back to us. Cost Effective Pricing: Sam & Bros. hub is the most trustworthy and cost-effective platform in MENA markets, with full support tools, resources and guidance to ensure the satisfaction of our clients and to achieve business success. Our formula for pricing is cost effectiveness with high quality services. It is simply the win-win deal. Marketing: Sam & Bros. Co is the only business hub with an in-house marketing department, full advertisement and promotional services at competitive prices. ? OUR MISSION Our mission is to be the best in the eyes of our customers and business partners through achieving all set goals. OUR VISION Plan for the future starts today with us. Our philosophy is to strive for excellence and deliver outstanding bespoke solutions for our clients in Middle East markets. By understanding the market and consumer behavior with an open and socially-conscious mind, we believe in the ability of facilitating the creation of a sustainable relationship between the world of business and its new frontiers in the Middle East markets. OUR VALUES Our values and emphasis are on entrepreneurship, openness and results. OUR TEAM Our professional team skills are a combination of high education, dynamism, ambition, execution and determination for more than 20 years of experience, and profound knowledge of business methods in the Middle East. We bring success and establish a perfect positioning strategy for our clients by creating and forwarding constant wireless communications for strategies and pro-active awareness campaigns for our future clients. WE ARE SAM & BROS. FAKHRI TARABEIN FOUNDER & CEO Plan for the future starts today with Sam & Bros. Of course, bigger isn’t necessarily better – we’re driven to be the best. We do so by harnessing the entrepreneurial spirit of our passionate associates to create a solution oriented to a strategy-driven organization that fulfills our vision of Winning Together in everything we do. Being our strategic partner means having countless benefits. Read our profile, you will find that we have all keys of success. You will reach an inevitable conclusion that Sam & Bros. Co is the reliable strategic partner in MENA.

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