Royal Shahnaz Beauty Salon

Royal Shahnaz Beauty Salon

Listing Id: 322067

Company Name: Royal Shahnaz Beauty Salon


POBox: 29830
Telephone Number: 0507955639
Fax Number: 04-3964691
Business Activity: hair treatments, manicure service, pedicure service, facials, bridal makeup, party makeup, eye makeu

Company Profile:

Royal Shahnaz Beauty Salon was established in the year 2005 by a professional beautician.We believe in the philosophy of using high-quality genuine products to the customer needs suitable to their budgets. We never compromise on the quality. In this many years of our service, we could win the support of our loyal clients who really inspired us to innovate our service.We are thankful to our clients and expect their kind support in the future as well.

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