Royal Regis Travel and Tours LLC

Royal Regis Travel and Tours LLC

Listing Id: 322572

Company Name: Royal Regis Travel and Tours LLC

Office 20, 3rd Floor, Al Mamzar Center, 201 Al Itt

POBox: 113683
Telephone Number: 0097143361551
Fax Number: 0097143361551
Business Activity: Travel & Tours

Company Profile:

At Royal Regis, we take your holidays to the next level by offering the best of the world. All of our holidays are designed to help you discover your smile. We started up back in 2012 with the aim of making foreign travel accessible to all. We are one of the leading travel company delivering first-class services to those enthusiastic travelers who love to explore the different shades of the world. Whether it is a corporate trip or a leisure holiday, a group vacation or an adventure journey, at Royal Regis, we deliver what you desire.

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