Royal Pallet and Packing Industry LLC

Royal Pallet and Packing Industry LLC

Listing Id: 317077

Company Name: Royal Pallet and Packing Industry LLC

Jebel Ali, Industrial 1, Dubai

POBox: 30031
Telephone Number: +971 55 9248376
Fax Number: +971 4 8802240
Business Activity: Manufacturer of wooden pallets, crates, plywood boxes, heat treatment, airworthy and seaworthy packa

Company Profile:

Royal Pallet and Packing Industry LLC established in 2005, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, brings packaging solutions to individuals, corporate businesses and mainly to the Cargo Shipping and Courier Companies. Royal Pallet Factory is a limited liability company. Our company has a fully professional & dedicated staff and operational workforce backed up with services to our esteemed clients. We have a well equipped and modern workshop with the latest machinery for which the staff is well trained to work on. We are located in Industrial Area 1, opposite gate no. 4, Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai. UAE.

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