Rise Up Home Maintenance Dubai

Rise Up Home Maintenance Dubai

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Company Name: Rise Up Home Maintenance Dubai


POBox: 23391
Telephone Number: 0509192248
Fax Number: 044586344
E-mail: info@riseupdubai.com
Website: http://www.riseupdubai.com
Business Activity: Home Maintenance ,Plumbing , Ac repair ,water pump repair ,water leakage ,painting work,electrical w

Company Profile:

Well come to RISE UP Home Maintenance we offer Homeowners, tenants and Property managers a reliable & prompt service. Our aim is to provide our clients with a reliable and professional service. We provide a full range of maintenance services ranging from annual maintenance contracts to bathroom renovations. We are not bound by time. Call us anytime and we will do our very best to reach you within the minimum possible time. You will find our workmen, reliable and courteous. We hold your comfort high and ensure that our employees are trained well to adhere to the etiquettes that are desired in a home or office environment. You can even rely on them for maintenance tips and expert advice. We offer the highest quality level of home maintenance and repair services in Dubai. Our team includes expert AC technicians, plumbers, electricians, and handymen. We work with communities, villas, and apartments. You call, we answer.We can answer your calls on time, get to your location and handle anything your villa or apartment can throw at us. Cell: 0509192248 Cell: 0552129090 Email: [email protected] www.riseupdubai.com

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