Revin Legal Translation and Legal Translation

Revin Legal Translation and Legal Translation

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Company Name: Revin Legal Translation and Legal Translation

ALwahdad post office flat 102

POBox: 28576- Dub
Telephone Number: 0097165534133
Fax Number: +97165535448
Website: http://
Business Activity: consultancy,legal translation,subtitling, voice over

Company Profile:

REVIN Legal Translation is licensed from UAE Ministry of Justice since 2003. REVIN is a fast growing translation services provider, dedicated to providing high quality professional language translation service - at excellent prices and outstanding quality. Since our inception in 2003, REVIN Legal Translation has built a reputation among the customer and we've been trusted by some of the UAE's most prestigious Governmental and non- Governmental organizations across multiple industries, to translate their documents consistently in different languages. Thanks to our impeccable & Quality services, professional communication, competitive prices and quality output.

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