RayMing Technology

RayMing Technology

Listing Id: 322062

Company Name: RayMing Technology

Ras AL Khor Complex, Dubai

POBox: 9098
Telephone Number: +971 558 505 299
Fax Number: +971 558 505 299
E-mail: sales@raypcb.com
Website: http://www.raypcb.com
Business Activity: printed circuit board, PCB Assembly,pcb assembly services, PCB manufacturer, pcb manufacturing, turn

Company Profile:

To satisfy our customers we focus on offering PCB Manufacturing & PCB Assembly Services with top quality. We have implemented the ISO9001 and QS9000 quality system . The perfect quality assurance system and various inspection equipment help us to monitor the whole production process, assure stability of this process and high product quality, meanwhile, advanced instruments and technology methods have been introduced to attain sustained improvement.

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