Prestige Wealth Solutions (PWS GROUP)

Prestige Wealth Solutions (PWS GROUP)

Listing Id: 321956

Company Name: Prestige Wealth Solutions (PWS GROUP)

Burj Al Salam Tower, Office 803, Sheikh Zayed Road

POBox: 74650
Telephone Number: 045213800
Fax Number: 048895962
Business Activity: financial planning

Company Profile:

PWS Group is a firm of independent financial advisers serving expatriates globally. They provide personal financial planning and wealth management services to thousands of individuals across all continents. By taking a holistic approach to financial planning, they help their clients to reduce their taxes and increase their wealth. Their experienced advisers will take time to fully understand your circumstances and work alongside you to meticulously devise a plan to achieve your financial goals. They are dedicated to providing a superior client experience, which has helped them to establish a reputation for integrity, commitment and innovation in financial advisory services.

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