Listing Id: 322470

Company Name: powernsun

Suite 2305, Burlington Tower, Business Bay, Dubai

POBox: 6747
Telephone Number: 971 4 3686393
Fax Number: 971 4 3686393
E-mail: Orangemc.me@gmail.com
Website: http://powernsun.com/
Business Activity: Solar Power System, Batteries, Inverters, Solar Inverters, UPS, Solar Panels, Solar LED Lights, Gene

Company Profile:

POWERnSUN is the Marketing and Distribution Company for Power back up, Power quality, Solar Energy Products, and Solar Solutions. As a B2B e-commerce platform, we are also one of the vital distributor of all kinds of solar power energy products for every small and medium distributor in Middle East and Africa. We belong to the communities we operate in, and work for their betterment by reducing carbon footprints and making smart power solutions available thought out the day and night, today and tomorrow. We drive trust, transparency, and technology through the value chain we operate in and provide complete system, supplies and solutions. POWERnSUN is spread across continents and is also a part of Orange group, which is a diversified and progressing, Operating from UAE, India, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria.

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