Potencia Electromechanical

Potencia Electromechanical

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Company Name: Potencia Electromechanical


POBox: 29459
Telephone Number: 043380445
Fax Number: 043380449
E-mail: contact@potencia.ae
Website: http://potencia.ae
Business Activity: havc contractors, fitout contractors, fitout services,

Company Profile:

POTENCIA ELECTROMECHANICAL L.L.C services a broad spectrum of Clients from development sectors such as Residential, Commercial, Institutional and Industrial. We have proudly secured the appreciation of customers, suppliers and peers for our quality execution and our integrity, efficiency and abilities to complete projects on time. We take pride in all aspects of our work and understand the importance of each project to the individual client. Ensuring client satisfaction is the key to securing repeat business and that's why we work relentlessly to provide proactive, innovative and flexible solutions to all projects, large and small. We have built our reputation progressively as an emerging MEP and FitOut Company in the UAE market. Today, our impressive base of clients reflects our consistency in perfecting client vision in every project we execute. Over the years, we have successfully completed all our projects in collaboration between architects, designers, sub-contractors and our very own high skilled work-force to ensure excellent finish and d├ęcor. Potencia offers complete interior design and fit-out solutions working alongside building owners, contractors and relevant authorities. At Potencia, we provide an empathetic yet professional approach towards your structure which is the key to our years of continuous success in every project we part take. The year 2014 saw POTENCIA grow from a small sized fit-out company to an emerging competitive fitout company taking under its wings commercial clients by executing multi-storey projects and HVAC contracts. Potencia provides you with utmost customized solutions and services that suits your requirements and gratifies your experience with us. What makes us different? We always do what we commit to do. Now we look forward to having you on our continuous journey. It is our aim to maintain a manageable level of projects, the focus being on quality rather than quantity.

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