Polaris Shipping Agencies LLC

Polaris Shipping Agencies LLC

Listing Id: 319594

Company Name: Polaris Shipping Agencies LLC

Suited 502, Al Khaleej Centre, Bur Dubai, UAE

POBox: 52535
Telephone Number: 0097148832586
Fax Number: 0097148832945
E-mail: rajesh@polarisdubai.com
Website: http://www.polarisdubai.com
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Polaris Shipping Agencies LLC, is in business since 1992 and is a leading agency and logistics company in the UAE offering diversified services to an established and global customer base. Celebrating over 20 years of innovation and service excellence with the agency and project cargo sector Polaris has continued to grow its areas of operations and expertise. We are active members of several reputed shipping networks like GPLN etc and would be keen to provide references on various projects successfully handled. As a quick recap, our core activities as follows. • Ship Agency - Agents for Several reputed European Heavy lift Carriers Middle East Agents for 1. BBC Chartering & Logistics 2. J.Poulsen shipping, Denmark 3. Combi dock 4. Big Lift shipping, Amsterdam 5. Jumbo shipping, Rotterdam 6. Ocean 7 Projects 7. MLB • Ship & Cargo Brokerage - Direct access to over 300 Ships owned/managed by principals we represent in Middle East / dedicated chartering desk • CIS DELIVERIES - Time bound deliveries to CIS States including Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and entire MENA region • Partnering with major heavy lift forwarders as their transshipment/ protecting agents in Middle East • International Project Logistics - Competitive solutions basis in house charter tonnages/ liner vessels, Specialist in handling out of Gauge / Heavy lifts including multi modal moves – Special Tie ups with heavy lift operators • Ware housing and distribution / Special arrangements for twin deck stuffing of vehicles in container • General Forwarding, customs Clearance & delivery / FCL's/ LCL'S / Sea Freight / Airfreight / Land freight • container / Mechanical Survey & valuation of Second hand construction Equipments/ vehicles • Cargo Surveys and Marine Insurance We also arrange container sales and conversion solutions which includes Acoustic Generator Rooms, Transformer rooms, Offshore Control Rooms, Site offices and other Customized units to Clients requirements and specifications. Request to kindly visit us at www.polarisdubai.com detailing our services. As mentioned, we are approved freight forwarders for several prestigious clients and our International Project team has in depth knowledge of project movements including containerized, break bulk, sea & air movements. Snaps of few handled project movements available at http://polarisdubai.com/ipl_gallery.html

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