Park Avenue Offices DMCC

Park Avenue Offices DMCC

Listing Id: 320585

Company Name: Park Avenue Offices DMCC

44th & 45th Floor, Mazaya Business Avenue BB2, Fir

POBox: 111587
Telephone Number: 04 - 426 4200
Fax Number: 04 - 362 4345
Business Activity: Business Center, Serviced Office, Executive Office

Company Profile:

Park Avenue Offices DMCC was established with the intention, to provide companies in JLT a convenient solution with shared administrative support. Park Avenue Offices offers a wide range of business solutions and start-up packages, providing the ultimate choice for entrepreneurs, local and international companies. We are located in a very attractive and desirable location viz. Mazaya Business Avenue BB2, with a stunning view overlooking JLT, Emirates Hills and Emirates Golf Club, in the heart of vibrant Free Zone. Park Avenue Offices offers attractive serviced offices ranging from 150sq.ft. to 275 sq. ft., with ready-to-work workstations. Additionally, we are equipped with professionally furnished conference rooms, dedicated and customer-oriented friendly receptionist and client service staff. We strive to maintain a reliable and solid workplace to always create a lasting impression on your clients and visitors. We manage the office furniture, IT & Telecom, Aircon maintenance, office cleaning and safety allowing you to focus on what matters most – YOUR BUSINESS. Our cheerful support staff are at hand to serve coffee and refreshments to your visitors during boardroom meetings. Our clear pricing structure based on office sizes, caters to a multitude of requirements and allows you to budget easily. Communicate your requirement and leave it to us to find the best solution.

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