Orison Logistics L.L.C

Orison Logistics L.L.C

Listing Id: 322312

Company Name: Orison Logistics L.L.C

203 D 2nd Floor, Ibn Battuta Gate Offices Sheikh Z

POBox: 390754
Telephone Number: +971 4 554 1661
Fax Number: +971 4 442 5741
E-mail: info@orisonlogistics.ae
Website: http://orisonlogistics.ae/
Business Activity: Relocation, Local shifting, Packing moving, Air and sea cargo, Custom clearing

Company Profile:

ORISON LOGISTICS L.L.C is an organization offering a wide range of service in the fields of Packers & Movers, Door to Door Removals, Custom clearance, Shipping Services, Destination services, Ware Housing, Project Handling & Relocation Ever Since its inception at Islamabad Pakistan in 1985 when it commenced operations, We are the only company which has come a long way in its development and expansion on all Pakistan Basis. In 1992 & 1993. Diversification of services being marketed by us was also a prime concern since our very beginning. Today we serve over many national accounts through our various operations. Diversification has also enables our company to broaden its base and has allowed us to grow. The expansion and successful operation of our company is characterized by our professional thrust in the varied, sophisticated, and competitive market of international freight forwarding & shipping services by our ability to provide friendly, efficient and highly qualified, technically experienced and dedicated staff to handle various divisions. Having international associations at important cities of the world, gives us a distinct advantage to render sound, efficient and economical services.

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