Online Shopping

Online Shopping

Listing Id: 318682

Company Name: Online Shopping

ALIFCA - Office 202 - mazaya tower AA Dubai, Dubai

POBox: 0000
Telephone Number: 8008-8008
Fax Number: 8008-8008
Business Activity: Online shopping

Company Profile: is one of the UAE’s fastest growing online shopping portals providing a large collection of branded products catering to different categories like mobile phones, accessories, jewellery, sunglasses, perfumes, watches etc. This 24x7 best online store has operations localized across the UAE, and offers buyers a wide range of products. We offer a variety of consumer lifestyle and electronic products online, practically eliminating the need of visit malls to purchase after hours of waiting and trying. All of products are stocked carefully in our warehouse, from where they are delivered to customers’ at their doorstep in a well-organized and responsible manner. We offer multiple ways of payments like credit/debit card and cash on delivery to our customers when they purchase products from our online store. Our website offers an interactive display of products that enable our customers to make the right choice when it comes to buy online. provides to a user-friendly check-out, quick delivery, hassle-free return policy, and superb customer service. This is possible as we have a team of passionate staff who are highly experienced and dedicate their best to all our customers. Since its inception in 2013, has emerged out to bring latest products in a manner which is easy and memorable to our customers. At, we aim to offer our customers, a world-class online shopping experience that is incomparable to anyone.

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User Reviews

  1. Please do help me.. I have an excess payment but your company doesn’t want to give it back to me. This is now almost two months. this is not good

  2. Hi awok this is a request i supose to recive my refund amount ur coustamer service agent not yet response plz do need full thing ASAP thanks

    My no.0564122597

  3. I was waiting for refund 3 months ago I called call center more than 10 times this is company hiring low experience staff very bad .

    yousef boutkida 0508376114

  4. I received my order 5196686809 (one blue tooth head phone and Smart watch) yesterday. Unfortunately smart watch not working, I kept it for charging for 5 hours, still not getting switched on

    I need a replacement for it which is in working condition

    Awaiting to hear from you

  5. Hi Awoke,
    i received Yesterday(26/10/2016) an AMPUS mobile but back cover means battery n cover they did not deliver. my request number is 5850813356. Kindly help me to find out the problem. Plz call me 052-9517316.

  6. Hi AWOKE, please be informed yesterday (26/10/2016) i received an AMPUS mobile but the battery back cover they didnt deliver. as well nobody is answering me call. kindly call me on 052-9517316. my order number is 5850813356. PLZ help me to sort out this mention issue.

  7. I have lost one months but yet not sent my money pls sent my refund balance if you not sent pls call me i will be come to office pls call 0503516797

  8. Why you give me a different mobile from the bundle I want! Its xplay 100. but you give me miqi m9plus.. I don’t want miqi m9 plus! I want xplay 100

  9. I was waiting for refund 2weeks ago i called call center more than 4 times this company hiring low experience staff very bad
    Manjoor 0553981043.
    Sir repaly very fast

  10. Hi awok this is warning for you I’m going to ministry of economy to complaint about your fraud commercial items I need to refund for Samsung galaxy s6 edge this my number 0508171492 otherwise I will go directly to police

  11. I receive my order just today Dec 5, 2016.. Blue tooth headset and unfortunately it will not charge..Hope you can replace it..thank you..

  12. Hi Awok,

    your totally fake company. i purchase mobile within one weekly mobile dead. when send for repairing after repair with in one week again same problem. Also purchase my friend mobile from here same problem with him, Totally fake and bulshit company. Please friends do not purchase any thing from website . choose another one


    shabbir anjum
    Cell3 0561310405

    1. Hi i want to make return but im trying to call customer service no 1 answering..i want to change my item. Pls help me

  13. I received my order 5196686809 (one blue tooth head phone and Smart watch) yesterday. Unfortunately smart watch not working, I kept it for charging for 5 hours, still not getting switched on

    I need a replacement or refund my 3 watches which is in not working condition call me 0508640781

  14. I received my order yesterday the Unfortunately smart watch not working, I need fir refund or

    replacement which is not in working condition call me 0508640781

  15. I have purchase a smart phone after few days the screen is stop working without doing anything pls call me back I already send the call back request but no one reply. Pls have a courtesy to call back the customer 😒

  16. I recieved laptop desk when opened it was broken. I buy for new item not broken item I have to pay. 4276916478 Pls exchange it for me. 050 424 0234

  17. I was waiting for refund 3 months ago I called call center more than 10 times this is company hiring low experience staff very bad .

    Sadar Ali0563060978

  18. hello I have Yesterday I asked Sheet & has not received so far when Stouselunha me
    by name :suheir Abdul alrahman &by number:0556542218

  19. Sent back my iphone 5 coz sim card no recongnized
    And for 2 months am calling them every 5 days to see when iwill get it back and tell they say always soon..or technical dept will call u
    Always laying at me
    Am v.upst from them

  20. Hi awok yesterday I recive some items.there 1 Bluetooth sleepker it’s defected .so I need to exchange urgents

  21. I have experienced the AWOK the worst company in UAE. I purchased I phone 4s in December, they delivered the faulted item, still didn’t deliver me the right item or refund. The most stupid company in Dubai.

  22. Awok is totaly fake company they doing fraud with people i requset to all frineds don’t buy anything from they are cheeters customer service is very bad

  23. There are several problems with the company. They sell refurbished items with label as ‘ Brand new’ . They do not call back for refund and return, nor do they reply to emails in months. They do not refund the cash or credit/ debit card used, but give a gift coupon. The electronic items are useless and fake.

  24. Very poor service or no service at all. Selling all junk items which are ultimately of no use. There is no customer service or anything like that. They don’t call back.

  25. I bought max mobile.but batery problem.i ragisterd my complaint before one 10 days.but no response .plz replace momile .thanks

  26. I ordered from awok and PAY it with my credit card. FETCHR shipping company cant contact me due to no signal in my office during working hours. they never tried to call me after 3 pm. now they return the package to awok and when i checked the website its already cancelled. How come they cancel the order when its already PAID. Tried emailing and calling them but no response. I hope people from AWOK are god fearing .Im in saudi arabia. order # 2582772960

  27. I ordered from awok and I bay it with my credit card almost 25 days know I did not received my phone my order no 2520307038
    and I am calling customer service no one answering.

  28. I have done an order since 10 days ago paid online but didnt receive it. I opened the app today found that my order was cancelled alone without my authorization.
    You credited my account & cancelled my order!!!
    Is this a new kind of fraud in Dubai?
    I should have checked the bad reviews about Awok before ordering or even downloading your Awok.
    Bad Bad Bad

  29. Dear,

    I’m in KSA; i want to purchase some product from awok.

    But i don’t have Card system to pay product amount.

    It’s much better Pay Cash on the delivery time.

    So kindly let me know Awok having the Cash on delivery system.

    Thank you for your kind co-operation.

    Syed Ali. (+966 54 205 4417)

  30. hi awoke
    thanks that i didn’t buy from you any think i see to many complaints about youre work
    must be solve it for good business

  31. Hi awak I am shree ram I received today power bank but this is damage power switch on off is damage is not working . I want to change it please replace other good one . Call me 0524203537

  32. Yesterday i received selfie stick…… I check it after its not working. If possible need to change it…… Plz…

  33. Hi Awok this is mahfoos muhammdali your customer my order is not confirmed yet please check it again

  34. hi awok
    i have very bad experience. can any body salve my problem. my order no 1895559301 i received i touch tablet. screen and not as per specification.

  35. My name is Olatunji
    I order product from your company and the product is not up to my taste and I call for complain of returning product and they said a driver will can and pick up the product when the driver came to day I return the product to him and he checked the product and see it completed the way I ordered but the didn’t come with my money now my money is not yet refunded to me
    Pls I need a solution.

  36. i bought 2 items phone and airpods but both items is not working properly why I submitted complain many times but nothing response whyy what I do now I go police station for this cheating i want my best items now.

  37. Dea Team,

    We’re providing the all kind of deliveries Van, Pick ups, Bikes and many more,
    Currently we’re working with Fetchr, DHL,Noon and Shipa,

    We love to start work with your company so please share my massage to concern person,

    Kindly give us 10 mint for briefing our services,

    Looking forward to hear from you,


    Best Regards,

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