MHS International FZE

MHS International FZE

Listing Id: 323801

Company Name: MHS International FZE

Business Center, RAKEZ, RAK | 10A/B, Al Mattar Pla

POBox: 624591
Telephone Number: 0528963689
Fax Number: 042564066
Business Activity: Accounting and Bookkeeping, Management Consultancies

Company Profile:

Based in UAE, a team of experienced and seasoned CPAs, CAs, CMAs, ACCAs & MBAs with a proven track record of successful delivery of services in their areas of expertise for a wide range of business solutions. Due to cut throat competition, various micro and macroeconomic factors, running a successful business nowadays has become increasingly challenging. We collaborate with Businesses, particularly SMEs, take a big chunk of overheads away from them so that management can focus more on value-additive activities for their customers. We are one-stop solution for all sizes of businesses, we will guide you through every step towards your desired journey to growth. We want our customers to concentrate on growing and scaling their business while we take care of the rest. So, no worries! OUR CORE VALUES ? Focus on Our Customers ? Integrity ? Trust & Reliability ? Transparency ? Teamwork & Collaboration ? Adaptability ? Care for Environment There are many reasons for us to be Your Reliable Partner Par Excellence, some of them are: ? Focused on You and Your Business – Always! ? Handling of Complete Process ? Certified and Qualified Team ? Industry Specific and Business Specific Solutions ? Wide range of services for your back office ? Flexible and Adaptive ? Cost effective Model What we do ? Cloud Accounting – Complete Setup and Conversions ? System Design and Optimization ? Outsourced Book Keeping and Accounting Services ? Virtual Controller Function Plus Virtual CFO ? Management Consultancy HR Consultancy Startup and Entrepreneur Support Social Media Management Feasibility Studies & Investor Relations ? Tax Services for US Expats and UAE Value added Tax ? Trainings on a wide range of topics

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