Listing Id: 322115

Company Name: MENA WATER FZC

Plot #D3-11, SAIF Zone, Sharjah - UAE

POBox: 120881
Telephone Number: +971 6 5575507
Fax Number: +971 6 5575508
Business Activity: Water Treatment, Sewage Treatment, Sludge Treatment, Reverse Osmosis Plants, Package Plants, Contain

Company Profile:

MENA-Water is an engineering and manufacturing company that provides innovative solutions and services in the fields of water and wastewater treatment. MENA WATER FZC is located at Sharjah Airport Free Zone. Here parallel to our German headquarter we operate office and workshop. ISO certifiedOur challenge is to provide equipment and engineered solutions that are highly suitable for the environment and as per the actual demand. We engage in close cooperation with our clients, studying their actual situation on site to reach suitable solutions and select the appropriate system components. Our turn-key tailor made solutions are providing the best technical package at the lowest capital and running cost. With our certified production we ensure highest quality of our products. MENA-Water serves clients worldwide through the main offices in UAE and Germany, as well through satellite offices, partners and branch offices across the globe.

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