Meditron healthcare technologies L L C

meditron healthcare technologies L L C

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Company Name: meditron healthcare technologies L L C

M17, mohd bin zahar bldg, al qusais 2, dubai

POBox: 232698, du
Telephone Number: 042510268
Fax Number: 042510269
Business Activity: medical & dental equiments

Company Profile:

Established in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in the year 2008 by a team of expert Biomedical Engineers, MEDITRON is specialized in turnkey projects. Our PROJECT team is specialized in Planning & executing turnkey projects for setting up of Medical & Dental facilities in any part of United Arab Emirates also in other regions of the GCC. Meditron is actively involved in supply & service of Medical & Dental equipments in Dubai and other parts of the UAE. Some of our major products are Dental equipments, Medical equipments for General, ENT, Gyneacology, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, OT Equipments, ICU Equipments, LAB equipments, Surgical instruments and Medical disposables GREEN incinerator Mortuary systems, X-ray Room, Lead lining, partitioning & finishing. Clinic set ups : complete clinic planning, equipments selection, interiors, furnitures, IT solutions, signage etc. Custom made AMBULANCES - as per your requirement. We have a team of well experienced and european trained engineers for repair & maintenance of all medical and dental Equipments. With our Prompt response & services, we minimize the downtime of any equipments of our clients, so that they can avoid reschedule of treatment and save time of both doctor and patient. We do undertake PPMs for medical equipments and sell BME test equipments. Our consumables team is well organized to understand the requirements of the end users & execute the supplies in time at very reasonable prices. Providing quality products and services to the satisfaction of customers as well as holding a price line is the twin passion of MHT (Meditron Healthcare Technologies).

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