Massa International Contracting LLC

Massa International Contracting LLC

Listing Id: 321993

Company Name: Massa International Contracting LLC

Bay Square 1, Suite No. 903 , Bussiness Bay, Dubai

POBox: 92468
Telephone Number: 0097144430094
Fax Number: 0909714429912
Business Activity: Fitout,Interior Designing

Company Profile:

Massa Global is a multi-disciplinary firm specializing in interior design, fit-out and property development. We offer a multitude of services including creative turnkey solutions and interior design for commercial, residential, mixed use, hospitality, healthcare, and historical restoration projects varying in scale and complexity. We are also very experience in development management and we have worked with many well known property developers in Dubai to provide high-quality buildings from start to finish which includes the architecture, planning, construction, exterior design, interior design, furnishing and fit-out. We have done numerous projects most notably at DIFC and Business Bay including for Doha Bank, Dubai Properties, BMW, Enshaa, Kaftan Restaurant among others. Please check out our website below to further familiarize yourself with our company and the services we can provide: Part of the services that we provide at absolutely no obligation on your part is space planning, test fitting and lay-out with design ideas. Massa Global has an international team of architects and interior designers that make sure all the projects we complete adhere to international standards.

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