Mall Kiosk Manufacturing Company.

Mall Kiosk Manufacturing Company.

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Company Name: Mall Kiosk Manufacturing Company.

Musaffah, M-14, Industrial Area, Abu Dhabi, UAE

POBox: 30940
Telephone Number: 0553627862
Fax Number: 0564146739
Website: http://
Business Activity: interior design, interior decoration, furniture, design and decoration

Company Profile:

We are company of professional's as design and manufacturer and install several types of Kiosks like Coffee kiosk, Retail Kiosk, Jewelry Kiosk, Candy kiosk, Cosmetic Kiosk, Snack Kiosk, Beverage kiosk, Pastry kiosk, Coffee Kiosk, Ice cream Kiosk, chocolate kiosk, Popcorn kiosk, Pizza kiosk, Luxury kiosk, flowers kiosk, Mobile Accessories, fashion kiosk, magazine kiosk, Multi purpose kiosk, Tourism kiosk, Bank Kiosk, Service kiosk, etc. All these Services are provided with necessary regulations, approvals and certification. Our wide range of quality services and works, all could be offered to you at a very competitive hiring rate. We are offering value for money for all events. Please let us know what your requirements are, and be sure that our technical team will be more than happy to meet with your demands, and to serve you in the shortest amount of time. M/S. Desert Dreams Design Decoration & Furniture L.L.C. Mob: +971 55 362 7862, +971 56 414 6739. Email: [email protected] Blog: Web:

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