Maintenance companies in Dubai

Maintenance companies in Dubai

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Company Name: Maintenance companies in Dubai


POBox: 79649
Telephone Number: +971 50 85 979 15
Fax Number: 04-4478981
Business Activity: Electrical Maintenance in Dubai,Plumbing services in Dubai

Company Profile:

Abu Hasan Technical Works L.L.C founded in year 2010 under the sponsorship of Essa Ali Mohd Abdullah Al Theeb ( Local) offering complete Facility Management solutions for domestics as well as commercials.AHTW is leader of quality service maintenance & troubleshooter of all types of Air-conditioners, Water chillers, Bath chillers, Pumps, Refrigeration systems & other all types of facility management services. We at AHTW take care of all details to end up with extreme service, maintenance & trouble shooter due to high-quality technicians who are expert in their works. It would be our pleasure to co-operate & provide our service to your valued organization.

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