M Print House – Muwailih Printing Services

M Print House - Muwailih Printing Services

Listing Id: 323960

Company Name: M Print House - Muwailih Printing Services

Al Nahda Street, Near Gateway Building Hotel Bur D

POBox: 34985
Telephone Number: +971528448802
Fax Number: +97143934886
E-mail: sales@mprinth.com
Website: http://www.mprinth.com
Business Activity: Printing Services - Digital/Offset/Advertising

Company Profile:

At our core, M print is a BTL Ad agency. Since 2011, we’ve continued to unconventionally think about advertising to truly harness the power of all mediums and unlock the potential of our clients’ brands. We also keep our workplace unconventional because our people love what they do, and have fun doing it. After all, it’s not hard to do when industry-inspiration comes in all the time. At M Print we have highly experienced and skilled staff which makes the ‘Impossible possible’. We opened our business to strategically promote agencies those are in search of reliable partners who can in turn assist them confidently in their all so urgent deadlines. We work transparently and efficiently with our clients giving them insights of all phases of their projects with us from designing to delivery (D2D).

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