Louna Media Solutions

Louna Media Solutions

Listing Id: 321040

Company Name: Louna Media Solutions

Office 1402, Grosvenor Business Tower Barsha Heig

POBox: 213609
Telephone Number: +971 4 456 3934
Fax Number: +971 4 456 3934
E-mail: info@louna.tv
Website: http://www.louna.tv
Business Activity: Pre-production, Concept Development & Scriptwriting, Cinematography, Animation & Visual Effects, Sou

Company Profile:

Louna Media Solutions is a creative production company based in Dubai. Our services cover creative & high quality film, TV and animation production solutions for television networks, film distributors, corporate clients and advertising agencies. Our exceptional and diverse content creation services also span a wide range of sectors such as high quality feature films/motion pictures, CGI, live broadcasting, concept based TV Game Shows, TV Series, TV Commercial Campaigns, Documentaries and effective Corporate Communication films.

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