Lofty Plus Event Management Company

Lofty Plus Event Management Company

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Company Name: Lofty Plus Event Management Company

Office # G04A, DBC Building, Deira, Dubai

POBox: 97605
Telephone Number: 042884991,0567629387
Fax Number: 042884991
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Introduction Lofty plus event management was established in 2013, based in the vibrant part of U.A.E , Dubai. Our motto is to create an experience that goes beyond expectations. We are technologically advanced fully equipped to produce arrange of events from conception to completion. Fuelled by passion and BIG ideas, Lofty Plus Event Management provides customized, strategic event experiences where guests feels really connected with our clients’ brands and products. ABOUT US Our Mission We pride ourselves in the satisfaction we bring to all our clients. Its our mission to deliver professionally implemented events to our clients by understanding their intentions and services, showing our commitment to clients and service partners alike. Lofty plus event Management provides a dependable service, always aiming to achieve impeccable and unequaled skillfully executed events. Our Vision We have a thorough understanding of the corporate and small business environment, therefore setting our vision: - To be a locally successful, sought after and well respected events management company in all aspects present; - To provide a personalized approach in rendering any service possible, offering services from concepts to production; - To price each of our clients according to their personal needs, surpassing their expectations along the way. Our Values Lofty Plus event management LLC stands for the utmost dependability and objectivity, both with our clients and where we conduct our business and place a high value on our two biggest assets: our clients and our team of professionals, valuing their hard work. We value hard work, dependability & morality, ethical moralities and respect for all individuals making us move forward and strong in the business indu stry today. EVENT MANAGEMENT • Corporate Events • Fashion Shows • Exhibitions • Promotions • Commercial Shows • Night Club Events ENTERTAINMENT • Dance Groups • DJs /Emcees / Host • Musicians/ Bands • Event Entertainers • Kids Entertainment • concert EVENT PRODUCTION • Audio Visual Equipments • LED screens/Projections • Translation Systems • Furniture & Décor OUR SERVICES SPECIAL EFFECTS Confetti Machines • Co2 Jets • Flame Machines • LED & Laser shows Wedding & Birthday Bash • Exclusive Wedding packages • Birthday Packages • Baby Showers • Unlimited wedding consultant BRANDING • Corporate Gift Items • Marketing Collaterals • Backdrop & Staging MEDIA & PR • Videography • Photography • Photo Booths • Film & Advertisement production GALLERY CORPORATE EVENTS GOWN • wedding gown • birthday gown UNIFORM LAYOUT • school uniform • company uniform • sports uniform

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