Legal Inz Legal Consultants

Legal Inz Legal Consultants

Listing Id: 320459

Company Name: Legal Inz Legal Consultants

Office 1801, Creative Tower, Fujairah

POBox: 4422
Telephone Number: 80053425
Fax Number: 80053425
Business Activity: Legal Services

Company Profile:

We are one of the most innovate law firms in the UAE. We provide legal consultancy services in all areas of UAE law. Consumers of legal services are increasingly looking for law firms in the UAE to provide cost-effective legal solutions. The client concerns and significant changes in technology encouraged us in adopting a modern, cost-effective and client-centric approach in our legal practice. These drivers have also defined our mission, our business philosophy and the approach to the legal solutions provided by our lawyers. Our approach to the delivery of legal services is reflected in our talented lawyers, effective processes and client-centric culture. This defines our mission, business philosophy and approach towards legal services in 21st century. We advise UAE non-Muslims on wills and estate planning. We are duly registered with the DIFC Wills & Probate Registry at Dubai International Financial Centre, Dubai.

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