Leader Floors Furnishing

Leader Floors Furnishing

Listing Id: 321128

Company Name: Leader Floors Furnishing

Dubai,Oud metha, Building: SH. Hasher Hamad 12, Sh

POBox: 20335
Telephone Number: 043885189
Fax Number: 043885181
E-mail: info@leader-floors.com
Website: http://www.leader-floors.com
Business Activity: Flooring Design,Trading and execution

Company Profile:

company Leader Floors Furnishing based in Dubai oud metha, is one of the best flooring company in UAE, it is emerged as a one shop stop for all your furnishing needs at competitive trade and execution prices and very high quality. We specialized in the flooring business (all kind of carpet, wooden floors, Pvc, wall covering, curtains, raise floor, caladding, porcelain and marble...) our products are made in Italy,france, germany, Uk, Usa,china,turkey, sweden, belgique... With our unique technology we can develop or reproduce your exclusive ideas and designs which could increase your range of personalized products

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