Kalima Security Solutions LLC

Kalima Security Solutions LLC

Listing Id: 320928

Company Name: Kalima Security Solutions LLC

Next to Samsung Service Centre, Al Khabaisi, Deir

POBox: 81051
Telephone Number: 0567880635
Fax Number: +971 4 2698323
E-mail: procurementkss@gmail.com
Website: http://kalimasecure.com/
Business Activity: Cctv Sale and Installation Audio Visual System Structured Cabling Access Control and Time Attendance

Company Profile:

KALIMA Security Systems is emerging in technological security solutions based in UAE. In a rapidly changing world filled with uncertainty, security entails a lot more than just protecting a particular area. It is also the peace of mind you get when you have solutions you can trust and a partner you can count on. Kalima Security Solutions ensures complete security systems that meet your needs. We strive to improve public safety and mobility through high-quality, reliable, and innovative security solutions. KALIMA Security Solutions is focused on CCTV and related security equipment. Our mainstream business is focused on solution designs to integration and supply of security systems. We focus is to deliver 100% quality, on time service and post sales services. 24x7 service is our backbone in the competitive industry. Keeping protection of your valuables in the first place, we use internationally accredited brands from all over the world to tailor fir your needs. For us there is no second chance in security and that’s the reason why we have been the most chosen brand for a wide range of clients from retailers to industries. Our excellent technical team with cutting edge knowledge and deliverance has been a strong support for our current depth in the market. We follow an open market strategy to bid and hatch projects based on time and quality. We have unmatched technological resources and technical expertise with national and international projects.

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