Jointech facility management services

Jointech facility management services

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Company Name: Jointech facility management services

Mussafah M3 Abu Dhabi

POBox: P.O.BOX:47
Telephone Number: +971568001113
Fax Number: +9712485282
Business Activity: For your kind information, we are holding 35 workers with Borouge CICPA Pass until January 2018

Company Profile:

Greetings! We would like to introduce our company Jointech Facility Management Services which is one of the leading UAE-based ISO 9001 certified for facility Management. We provide exclusive and qualified workforce for all sectors like Oil and Gas, Mechanical Construction, Civil Construction, Electrical & Marine.We have all categories of skilled and unskilled workers on hourly basis for various types Projects: a) Civil - Steel fixers, Shuttering Carpenters, Scaffolder, Riggers, Masons, Painters, Gypsum Carpenters, Wooden Painters, Spray Painters, Civil Foreman. Finishing carpenters. b) Mechanical - Welders, Fabricators, Pipefitters, Plumbers, AC Duct men, Insulators, Instrumentation Technicians, Mechanical Foreman. c) Electrical - Normal Electricians, Industrial Electricians, Electrical Foreman. d) Helper - General helpers, Mechanical Helpers, Cleaners. For your kind information, we are holding 35 workers with Borouge CICPA Pass until January 2018

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