Jams HR Solutions

Jams HR Solutions

Listing Id: 321909

Company Name: Jams HR Solutions

Jebel Ali Free Zone, Gate -2

POBox: 17924
Telephone Number: 97148873737, 0529002
Fax Number: 9714887887
E-mail: hazeem@jamshrsolutions.com
Website: http://www.jamshrsolutions.com
Business Activity: HR Outsourcing, Contract staffing, Manpower services

Company Profile:

Jams HR Solutions is the leading HR Outsourcing company in the United Arab Emirates established in the year 2000. Currently, we are engaged with 20+ industries, more than 5000 employees and tied up with 350+ organizations. We are one of the most influential HR Outsourcing organization in Dubai Business Community, based in Dubai.

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  1. Dear sir/madam,
    Ima Sudhakar I’m looking for an Accountant job in your good office. I have 5yrs of Experience in Doha Qatar. Now I’m looking for an job I came cancel from Qatar.
    I hope you will reply.
    Sudhakar Cell no: 0091 9177356772

  2. Dear sir/madam,
    I’m Sudhakar looking for an Accountant job. I hope u will reply.

    Cell no: 0091 9177356772

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